Member Activities

Coast Guard Auxiliary flage on the bow of a boat which is approaching a large collection of antique wooden boats

 On Patrol at the Hessel Boat Show 

Three young men one is a Coast Guard Uniform on the Bridge of a Coast Guard Vessel
Working with Young People to show them the possibilities of a Career in the Coast Guard 
A woman is a Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniform with a young boy in front of a small Coast Guard Boat which is a robot
Coastie helps us bring boating safety message to children
White Boat with a large blue  stripe on the water in front of a marina
Cutty Cabin on Patrol in local waters


A man in an Auxiliary Uniform and a woman in an Auxiliary Unform discussing information with a member of the boating public   Auxiliary Members exchange Boating Safety information with a member of the Boating Public

Red helicopter hovering over the water   Working with the Coast Guard during Helo Operations

Two Men in Auxiliary Uniforms and life jackets in discussion on Two Separate Boats

Members Training in Side Tow procedures

Several persons in orang mustangs lying on the ice and pulling others with some line   
Ice Patrol Training

Scene of a large number of people under a white tent at the Hessel Boat Show

View of the Hessel Boat Show from the water