Flotilla Activities


 Just a few pictures of our members engaged in Auxiliary Activities

small white and blue Coast Guard Boat in front of a red lighthouse with a black roof.  In front of the boat is a small loon watching the people on the boat

  A loon watches the Auxiliary Members as they finish their day

A group of people at a boat show taliking to  members of the Auxiliary at a booth at a sport show In front of the Coast Guard table is a small blue and white robot Coast Guard Boat    Coastie Visits the Sport Show in  Manistique


A man and a woman being sworn in by a man in a Coast Guard Uniform with other members of the Auxiliary looking on
Our First Flotilla commander and and Our First Flotilla Vice Commander being sworn in by Commander Karl Willis (USCG) at our Chartering Ceremony

A man on the Bridge of what is a large ship.  There are several people also watching the bridge

Flotilla Vice Commander, Al Grimm on the Bridge of the USCG
Cutter Mackinac

 Three Coast Guard AuxiliaryBoats lined up at Docks with Many people in Auxiliary life Jackets ready to get out on the Water

Auxilairy Members from all over Division 26  Come to Manistique to help train the new members


Three Auxiliary Boats with members in Orange life jackets on the water
Members Training at
at the mouth of the
Harbor in Manistique
 A man and a woman in auxiliary Uniforms at a booth at a sport show
Al Grimm and Agnes Feldman
at the Sport and Gun Show
 An Auxilary Boat in the water in front of a green water tower with the word Manistique on it
Auxiliary Members in front of
the Manistique water tower
 A red lighthouse on the water          Our Beloved Manistique Lighthouse