Member Activities

Our Members engaged in a wide
variety of Activities

Tow men in a boat. Both are wearing Coast guard Auxiliary Uniforms they are towing another boat
Dennis Duford and Chuck Feldman
towing a disabled boat back to the

Blue and white plane in the Air  over forested area
 One of the Planes in our
Aviation Unit in flight over
the forest of Northern
Several people in Auxiliary Uniforms standing on the Bridgeof highly computerize modern ship
Our members are treated
to a tour of  the bridge of a modern
Coast Guard Vessel

Scene in a parking lot area with members of the Auxiliary incoast Guard Unifroms with the small Coast Guard Boat Robot and a young boy

Coastie and Members of Flotilla 26-03 Chuck Feldman ,Loretta Billiard and Wayne Schoenpachh  visit The National NIght Out in Roscommon to deliver the message of water safety  


Group of men in Green Aviaitor suits sitting around a table at a meeting for Aviators

Aviators attend a training
session with the Coast
Guard Pilots

Two persons standing next to some racing canoes in a field There are several persons standing around the Canoes presumed to be racers

Members Gary Jurkovich and Willam  Kumpula perform safety inspections at the AuSalble Canoe Marathon Race 
Man in a coast Guard Auxiliary Life Jacket and Unofrm driving a boat with an American Flag in the background also in the backgroun is a white and yellow which has been taken in tow
 Wayne Schoeppach in his  Auxiliary boat takes a boat in tow  on Higgins Lake

Shot from a plane with a portion of the wing in the  foreground.  Below you see an ice blocked river

 Picture of one of our planes assisting the  Coast Guard evaluate Ice Conditions

Two mens in Auxilairy Uniforms leaning over examining a canoe at the end of the race
Members examine the
Canoes at the end of the
AuSable Canoe Marathon

Three men in a boat and two on the dock, they are all wearing orange life jackets, at the dock preparing to go out on a boat 
Several Members Dockside
Preparing to go out on
the water
Two  persons in Auxiliary Uniforms sitting in a boat with the setting sun in the background
Dennis Duford and Agnes Feldman on safety patrol waiting for the Fireworks starts on Houghton Lake

Several people in Coast Guard Uniforms walking along a parade route with a Auxiliary Decorated boat parade

Several members of our flotilla walking with our float boat in the Memorial Day Parade in Houghton Lake