Member Activities

Member Activities

Member Activities

Three men in Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniforms and life Jackets on the Deck of a private Boat surveying the water

Members on Safety Patrol


Two men in Coast Guard Uniforms working under a grey metal boat which bears the name Charlevoix

Our Coast Guard Partners are careful to maintain the equipment


View from the back of a fast moving boat an American Flag over the wake of the boat

 The National Ensign flies over northern Michigan waters

Several Members of the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary on the Dock at Station Charlevoix,  There are several Coast Guard and Coast Auxiliary Patrol Boast are in foreground

Members on the dock preparing to depart
on Patrol


A Silver and White U.S. Coast Guard Boat on the water next to a smallwe white boat filled with People in Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniforms and Orange Life jackets

Members on the water with the Coast Guard