Looking to Join the USCG Auxiliary?

What Would Help Me Get Started?

  1. Find a Flotilla or Flotillas near you.  Flotillas are the base unit of the Auxiliary - you will eventually join one and begin your service with the Auxiliary there.  Auxiliary websites generally have access to the Find a Flotilla website under the Join Us Now top menu. Or do a web search for Find a Flotilla.  Then enter your zip code and find Flotillas near you.  If the Flotilla has a website, a link to it will be provided.  Or you can submit an Inquiry form to have someone contact you.
  2. Read and Learn.  View the Auxiliary New Member Packet (Division 20 ->Job Aids & Resources->New Member Packet) - links to items you might find useful.  View various Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla websites, especially ones near where you live, to get a feel for what various Flotillas in the area do.  Websites are not the end-all answer, but will help familiarize you with some of the activities done in most any Flotilla. Contact Information for a Flotilla is generally available on the About Flotilla link on the left of the Flotilla's webpage, if you'd like to contact a real person.  Also, take a look at some of the National websites (see the Directorates menu at the top of our webpage) for a more global view of the Auxiliary.
  3. Attend a meeting at one or two Flotillas near you.  While most Flotillas do similar services for the Coast Guard and the Boating Public, they are made up of different personalities, and may place emphasis on different activities.  Its important to find one where you feel a good fit, so that you are most likely to participate.  See the About Flotilla link on the left of the Flotilla's webpage.
  4. New Member Training.  As part of the Application Process (see next step), each applicant must complete the New Member Training, which is based on the New Member Reference Guide.  The training course, reference guide, and quiz are available at the link above.  This training will familiarize you with the basics of the Auxiliary.   Not computer savvy?  No problem, just ask at a flotilla meeting, and the class information and quiz can be handled in person.
  5. New Member Application Process.  The application is fairly lengthy.  In addition to the New Member Training, proof of citizenship, a Boating Safety class certificate (if you have one), and fingerprinting (Auxiliary-specific) will be needed.  A Flotilla member will help you through this - you can view the application ahead of time to determine if you have the required information, maybe even complete a working copy of the Application.  But know that some of information must be completed in specific ways, so it will be checked and double checked prior to signing and submitting.

Caution:  You may have heard rumors that this process can take a long time.  This is true - the total process can take half a year or longer, due to a required Security Check. But most training and many service opportunities with the Auxiliary can begin once the Application is approved - usually a month or so after the Application is submitted.  So, be patient - the ride is worth it!