Flotilla 18-11 History

Flotilla 18-11 History

On 16 May 1984 Division 11 of District 9 Central Region of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary chartered a new Flotilla, Flotilla 11-11 of Canton, Michigan. The chartering ceremony was held at the “ Hillside” restaurant in Plymouth, MI. Fifteen members were present and the Flotilla began with Gene Olson as Flotilla Commander and Robert Kinsler as Vice Flotilla Commander. The early meetings were held at the Fire Station at Cherry Hill and Canton Center Road in Canton, Michigan. The conditions were crowded but the Flotilla managed to take shape. Through training and hard work, members began qualifying for Auxiliary programs such as Operations, Vessel Examinations, and Public Education.
As Public Education Instructors became qualified, the Flotilla discovered a real need in the Plymouth and Canton area for boating education. The Flotilla’s first Boating Safety & Seamanship class had 100 students. Operations programs were directed through USCG Station Belle Isle and the Flotilla patrol area was in the southern sector (Grosse Isle area) of the Detroit River. The Auxiliary Grosse Isle radio station afforded another opportunity to serve as members became qualified as communications watch standers at the station. The Vessel Examination programs also became active with VE “blitzes” at different marinas and recreational boat launch and sometimes trial and error, the Flotilla became very cohesive both in the missions involved and in the camaraderie among the membership. Fellowship was the glue that held things together. In December 1993, District 9 Central Region was restructured and Flotilla 11-11 became part of the new Division 10 as Flotilla 10-11, Plymouth-Canton. One of the Flotilla members, Hal Young, became the first Vice Division Captain of this new division.

Over the years the following members have served as Flotilla commanders:

1984-85 Eugene Olson

1986 Joseph Dakoske

1987 -88 Robert Kinsler

1989 Lydia Olson


1990-91 Hal Young

1992-93 Art Mulligan

1994-95 Jerry Rodziewicz

1996 Richard Wade

1997-98 Mike Baker

1999 Steve Riggan

2000-01 David Lent

2002 Stanley Sionkowski

2003-04 Ray Roberts

2005-06 Paul Shooshanian

2007-08 Angie O'Conner

2009-10 Chuck McCall

2011-12 Tom Chalifoux

2013-14 John Rose

2015-16  Paul Shooshanian

2017-18 Kyle Corcoran 

Other members of the Flotilla who have held Division and District Offices

Gene Olson Division Commander of Division 10 and Division 11
Lydia Olson Division Commander of Division 11
Lydia Olson District Commodore of District 9 Central Region
Ray Roberts Division Commander of Division 10 District Captain District 9 Central
Angie O'Connor Commander of Division 18

Tom Chalifoux - Division Commander of Division 18 


Flotilla 10-11 was named “Outstanding Flotilla of the Year” of District 9 Central Region for 2001 and 2002. This is a significant achievement for such a small Flotilla, since the competition was the 56 other Flotillas in District 9 Central Region.
In March 2004, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary became part of the Department of Homeland Security.
In January 2010, District 9 Central Region was restructured and Division 10 and Division 11 were combined into a new Division 18. Flotilla 10-11 became part of the new Division 18 as Flotilla 18-11, Plymouth-Canton.
The members of Flotilla 18-11 continue to proudly support the U.S. Coast Guard by volunteering their time, skills, and experience in service to their country and community.
We are “Always Ready” to answer the call. Semper Paratus!