What Our Flotilla Does

What's a flotilla?

Auxiliary flotillas are the backbone of the Auxiliary. All auxiliary members are members of a flotilla. Our flotilla's identification is 16-12, which denotes our Division (16) and our flotilla number (12).

Who we are

Our members are generally from the area of Tiffin to Huron in northwest Ohio. Presently, we have 30 members. Some of us have boats, others do not. Some of us assist the Coast Guard directly by standing watch at Station Marblehead, inspecting vessels and undertaking patrols on Lake Erie. Some of us teach boating education courses to the general public. Many of us conduct vessel safety examinations at various locations throughout the area. Several of us also serve at the Division and District levels.

We have been around for many years, meeting monthly at the USCG Station Marblehead. It is not all work; we have numerous social events usually including the active CG members of Station Marblehead.

When we meet

The flotilla meets on the last Monday of each month at the USCG Station Marblehead. The station is located at 606 Prairie Street, Marblehead OH 43440. The meeting takes place at 1900 hours (7:00PM). All are welcome to join us.

Active programs

At present, we are active in many of the Auxiliary programs, such as: