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Request a Vessel Safety Check

Want to be contacted by one of our vessel examiners for a free vessel safety check? Please visit our Request a VSC page for more information!

Custom Boating Classes

Do you have a group that needs a safe boating class? We'd love to help you out! Please contact Pamela Chaffee at to discuss your needs and get a class scheduled!

Now enrolling members!

Looking for a way to serve your country in your free time? The Kansas area Coast Guard Auxiliary is now enrolling members who are passionate about safe boating, environmental protection, or assisting our Coast Guardsmen and women! All areas of service are open including radio operators, boat crew and coxswain, teachers, food services, interpreters, and many more! Whatever you do, the Auxiliary has a place for you!

Contact Jack Gumb at for more information.

This is an all volunteer organization and there's no physical requirements or upper age limit (but you must be 17 and a U.S. Citizen to join)! YOU can help keep Kansans safe on the water!