Member's Deck

District 8WR 2011 - 2012 Mission Statement

Our mission as Coast Guard Auxiliarists comprises the following:

Help to create a safe, secure and enjoyable boating experience for the recreational boating public by providing programs that aid in the minimization of personal injury and property damage

Assist with marine safety, environmental and national security efforts as requested by the active duty Coast Guard

Recruit and train new Auxiliary members and energize all members to do the RIGHT THINGS RIGHT while serving with Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability   

District 8WR Vision for 2011 - 2012

Our members will continue to be efficient, qualified, and vigilant in all aspects of their Coast Guard Auxiliary career.  They will adhere to the core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.

Our leadership and members will execute their duties with INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY:

  • INTEGRITY: All Auxiliary participation will be undertaken with the utmost honesty, unity and an adherence to a strong code of values.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: All auxiliary participants will be reliable, trustworthy and willing to meet any obligations agreed to, and will faithfully execute their duties and abide by the governing policies established by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: All Auxiliarists will be answerable for their conduct, exercising solid, justifiable and considered judgment.