Tell me about Flotilla 97


Flotilla 7 is the youngest Flotilla in Division 9.  Hence, Flotilla 97 designation.  We were chartered 22 FEB 2003 with the primary focus of on the water activities. Every member chooses which programs to participate in.  Our goal is to remove the road blocks and help you succeed.
 "The successful and happy Auxiliarist, is a working Auxiliarist, a working Auxiliarist is a big boost to the Active Duty and the country!" 
Every Flotilla has a distinct personality.  We were mavericks in the beginning.  Non smoking, non drinking and committed to the honor and heritage of Coast Guard Service.  Our goal was to emulate the professionalism and e'spirt de corps of the Active Duty.  We succeeded.  Since 9/11 the USCG has been raising the standards and expecting a greater level of professionalism from the Auxiliary.  We take pride in the fact that we were already there, and the rest of the community is catching up!  Out of uniform, you may find a beer or a bit of tobacco, however, it will take a seaman's eye.  You can choose any number of areas to focus in.  Patrols, Navigation, Education, Public Affairs, Vessel Examinations... The list goes on and on.  Regardless the course you choose, you will find friends in 97 that will stand by you and man the pumps when needed.  

Our Flotilla has worked with the Active Duty, Customs, The Canadian Coast Guard, US Secret Service, Illinois State Police along with local Police and Fire Departments.  From Lake Superior to a Homicide Investigation right here in the Quad Cities.  Our members have worked hurricanes and floods as well.  (note: They were paid by FEMA to work those events)  We take great satisfaction in knowing our actions are making a difference, and pride that our conduct was in the best traditions of Team Coast Guard.