Flotilla 5-7 Member Training

Auxiliary Mandated Training

Mandatory training for all Coast Guard Auxiliary members. This includes training mandated by federal statute or regulation; such as in the areas of computer security awareness (5 CFR 930.301-305), ethics (5 CFR 2638.703 and 704), or executives, managers, and supervisors (5 CFR Part 412).
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New Initial and 5-Year Currency TCT Program
The Auxiliary now has a new 4 hour TCT program replacing the current 8 hour program that is required for initial and 5-year currency in the operations programs.This ALAUX announces this new program and details the process for getting Auxiliarists certified as Facilitators for the program.

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                                    Instructions on using Webx for DTRAIN classes.

The dates and times of the scheduled sessions are located on the DTRAIN 2013 under the heading WebEx 100 Attendees Training. Information about joining a session including equipment that may be used is available in this section. Members must log on to the District website in the Member Zone to cause the information about joining a specific session to appear. Each session will have its own website address (URL) and password for joining as an Attendee.

For joining the sessions on Friday and Saturday, users should go to the same DTRAIN 2013 webpage as referenced above and scroll down to the section titled DTRAIN WebEx Sessions. Again, the member must first be logged on to the District website via the Member Zone to see all the information for joining a session. There are 4 sessions which members may join all of which are identified in this section. If you have logged on to the District website then information about joining each session is visible – URL and password. Members must join as an Attendee and their audio will be muted automatically. The Host must unmute an Attendee. Thereafter, Attendees may mute and unmute themselves. Due to the limitations of the WebEx plan, Attendees may not activate their video even though they may use their webcam for a microphone.

As requested in the prior e-mail, if you plan to attend any of the sessions on Friday or Saturday please complete and submit the WebEx Registration e-form. Information about submitting the e-form is on the DTRAIN 2013 webpage under the title Registration to participate remotely using WebEx.