Our Flotilla has been involved in a number of activities throughout our community aimed at promoting recreational boater safety and assisting with missions assigned to us by the United States Coast Guard. Below are pictures from some of the activities that our Flotilla has been involved in the past.


  About Boaters Safety Classes

 There has been many classes put on by several of our certified instructors. Jim Bertram has put on a number of classes  from Desoto School to some in the La Crosse area. Jonie Dickerson, Arthur Sullivan and John Moore had a class in Prairie du Chien at the Veterans Administration building. Jonie Dickerson and John Moore just finished a class in Lansing for some of the High School students there.  Below are pictures of the class in Prairie du Chien.




           Coast Guard Open House in Dubuque, IA. May 1st 2013

  Prairie du Chien Flotilla was invited down to the Open House by the Dubuque Coast Guard and Auxiliary   Roger and Lorraine Richter, Arthur Sullivan, Chuck Jeidy and Joanie Dickerson were in attendance for the event. The morning began by sitting in on Dubuque's Auxiliary meeting. Afterwards the Senior Chief Henry A. Myers, USCG showed an awesome video of what it is like to be on board the Wyaconda while she is under way! The video showed how bouys are pulled from the water and how they are set. The dangers of the work is readily apparent on the video as well as some of the freezing conditions they can face. After the video Senior Chief Henry A. Myers talked on how many bouys they maintain and their Area of Responsibility. The Auxiliary also got a chance to talk about what they do for the Coast Guard. Afterwards the Coast Guard was gracious enough to let us tour the cutter Wyaconda.

Building in Dubuque, IA



Senior Chief Myers answering questions

Senior Chief Henry A. Myers answering questions after his excellent video presentation.


Flotilla Commander explaining duties
 Senior Chief then passed it over to the Auxiliary commander and his FSO-MT. They told about their roles with the Coast Guard and thanked everyone for coming.



Touring Wyaconda Tours then began of the Wyaconda. Most all part were open to the tour and there was a lot of cool things to see!


Wyaconda Tour
  Joanie begins her tour and is looking at home. You can  tell she has been on ship before can't you?


Crew Member of Wyaconda answering questions
Crew members of the ship were very welcoming and willing to answer any questions we had. You could tell they had a lot of pride in their ship.


Starboard on Wyaconda
    Roger looking out the Starboard windows from the bridge. Impressive looking bridge with very modern navigational aids.


On the bridge of Wyaconda


Aft of the bridge on the Wyaconda
Art and Roger poise for a picture aft of the bridge. They too looked pretty at home on the ship.

Wyaconda Nameplate

  Ship's Nameplate

Channel Bouy
 Up close and personal with a channel bouy and anchor. So thats what they look like under the waterline.


Crane on Barge The work crane on board the barge.


Crew Training 2013

   Subject for the night was fire extinguishers and basic fire fighting tactics. We will only try to put out fires in their initial stages. We are not equipped or trained for fully involved fires. An open invite was sent out to other local flotillas. The Johnsons of the LaCrosse flotilla can down for the training. The teacher for this class was the Prairie du Chien Fire Chief himself!! Bruce "Harry" Remz!  Chief Remz showed us how to use and care for fire extinguishers as well as how to attack and things to look out for while fighting fires. Chief Remz did an excellent job with the presentation and brought some different types of extinguishers for us to try on actual small fires.


 Fire Extinguisher Training     



                Roger volunteers to go first and starts out with the dry chem extinguisher.

Fire Out!

 And does a great job. Snuffed it right out!!

Practice with extinguisher

 Steve steps right up and fires like a pro!


John Moore puts the fire out!  John Moore was up next and starts to extinguish his inferno!!


Practice with CO2 extinguisher John tries a CO2 extinguisher and quickly tells us after to be careful! As you shoot a CO2 extinguisher the rush of the escaping gas causes the valve on the extinguisher to get very cold  rapidly.  

Vetesnik's Boat Show March 3rd 2013


Picture of Auxiliarists at Board Show
 Arthur Sullivan, Steve Gress and Joanie Dickerson Enjoying good times at the show. Lots of joking, picking and comradery had by all.



Boat Show Display




Brochure Display Table
Our display. Great job on the free standing cardboard displays. Was a pretty nice looking display overall.


Boater Safety DisplayLots of different materials were displayed. Steve Gress brought his wooden knot tying stand for display. It was very useful. In between visitors we practiced knots tying. So we had a public safety day and a skills review day.

Coastie Training


Coastie & Auxiliarists

      Joann Hampton, Chuck Jeidy and Sue Tiller. At a training session for Coastie an autonimus device used to entertain and teach kids safety tips about boating.


Recreational Boater Safety Exhibit at Cabela's in Prairie du Chien on March 5th and 6th, 2011


Boater Safety at Cabela's




Display of brochures




Ask about Vessel Inspections


 Brochure Display



St. Patrick's day parade in Prairie du Chien, March 12th, 2011


St. Patrick's Day Parade


St. Patrick's Day Parade