Forms Universally Used Througout the CG Auxiliary

Change of Member Information - form 7028 - report personal member information that will be entered on the AuxData system i.e. change of address; new or changed e-mail address, telephone number; emergency information; name change; etc.

Member Activity - Online form 7029 - used to report activity, preparation and travel hours not reported on other forms i.e. activity, preparation and travel hours for a Flotilla meeting; preparation and travel time for Marine Dealer Visits; self-study, class, testing and travel time for Auxiliary courses; time spent completing and mailing forms; etc.  This form is now a web based, on-lline only form.

Mission Activity Report - form 7030 or 7030 e-form report mission hours i.e. safety patrol; public affairs; public education; marine environmental protection; member training; AIM; radio watch; etc.

Personal Property Equipment (PPE) - form DD-1149 is a fill-in form used to document the transfer of PPE or other government owned property form one party to another. Use the sample DD-1149 as a guide to completing the form.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Inspection and Offer for Use - form 7008 - used to report a PWC vessel facility inspection and offer for use as well as to report changes in the status of a facility.

Radio Facility Inspection/Offer for Use - form 7004 - used to secure approval for use of a marine radio as a land or mobile facility; inspect the facility when the approved period expires.

SAR Incident Report (Auxiliary) - form 7034 - report a search and rescue incident.

Short Term Resident Training Request - form 7059 - used to request enrollment in a "C" class

Travel Voucher or Subvoucher - form DD-1351-2 completed for reimbursement of expenses following traveling i.e. training at "C" school, District conference, etc.  Form is self checking, designed to reduce errors and speed processing.  Helpful resources at the Pay and Personnel  Center, Topeka, KS can be reached on-line at or by phone at (866) 772-8724 M-F 0730 - 1600 (Central time).

Vessel Facility Inspection and Offer for Use - form 7003 - completed when an Auxiliarist would like to have a vessel they own approved as a facility and/or offer it for use; inspected when the approved period expired; etc.

Vehicle Facility Offer for Use - form 7065 - used to report a Vehicle facility inspection and offer for use as well as to report changes in the status of a facility.