8WR Travel Guides, Practices and Forms


Travel Guide for District 8WRAdobe Acrobat
A guide for Auxiliarist to request Coast Guard orders for travels such as C-School, FC & DCDR Academy, SO-OP Conference, QE Conference, district conferences, operational exercises, investigations, staff meetings, etc.

Travel Request Worksheet - E-Form Click Here

Travel Services webpage provides information on Use of Travel Management Center (TMC) and government contract city air fare.

Fuel reimbursement - by mileage
     *  POC
         * $0.535 -
 Automobile (if no GOV is available)
         * $0.17 - POC use instead of a government furnished vehicle (if a GOV is available) when use of a government furnished vehicle is to the government's advantage.
         * $0.505 - Motorcycle
          *$1.15 - Airplane
      * GSA POV Mileage Reimbursement Rates
Airline checked baggage fee and airline fuel surcharge - ALCOAST 333/08 provides baggage fee and fuel surcharge guides.

Per Diem Rates

Reservation phone numbersDD-1351-2

Travel Voucher Continuation sheet - form DD-1351-2C

Worksheet to calculate the cost of Government Procured Transportation (GTR)  
for the San Antonio Service Center:
   (800) 753 7286 
   (866) 530 0045 Fax
   (800) 827 7777 - after hours emergency reservations