Training Opportunities for Members

The Auxiliary offers it's members a multitude of training opportunities.  Most training is accomplished the traditional way through Member Training Officers, mentoring, workshops, classes,  hands-on experience and self study. Much of the study material can now be downloaded from the internet and testing can be done in your own home, at your convenience, on-line.
To assist  members in accomplishing their training objectives and simplify the process District 8WR has approved on-line testing whenever available.  Open book tests do not require a proctor and may be taken at your convenience, day or night.  Closed book tests require that a proctor be present when you take the test.  All AUXOP certified members of 8WR are eligible proctors.  Refer to the AuxOp Proctors webpage for details.

E-test results are automatically entered into AuxData.  You do not need to send the test results to DirAux for entry.  Members may track their course completion progress by viewing their training records on AuxData.
Upon taking an on-line examination, the examination results will be displayed on the members computer, within seconds of pressing the submit button.  The results will include whether or not a member has passed, the test score received and the questions missed, if any. (Note to AuxOP students - refer to the AuxOp Protoctor webpage for information about proctors, examination completion recording, etc..)
Additional training is offered through Class C Schools (known as "C" Schools).  They are Short Term Resident Training.  These schools are usually one week or less and are paid for out of "training" funds.  You donate your time and the Coast Guard pays for the travel costs.  An Auxiliary C-School website has been developed, designed as a one-stop portal for all USCG Auxiliary members looking for information about Auxiliary C-School programs.  It includes information about who is eligible to attend, how to apply, how to acquire orders, class schedules, etc.  (Note regarding C-School - Due to the extremely limited quotas available to these schools, Auxiliarists are ineligible to attend if previously enrolled in any Auxiliary national school within the past thirty-six months.  Waivers of this policy must be submitted directly to the Chief Director.)

The following are a few of many links to down-loadable training materials, on-line testing, proctoring information and other training opportunities:

   Mandatory Training

    AUXLMS Mandated training and ICS 210 - This training is required by the USCG as stated in the AUXMAN Chapter 8.  If you are a new member who joined in 2013, you will have until 31 December 2014 to complete this training.  Members who joined prior to 2013 will have until 31 December 2016 to complete these courses. To log onto the AUXLMS site you will need to click HERE.  You will need to read the warning statement and click thru to the next page. If this is your first attempt to log on, you will need a password.  Click on the “I forgot my password” link.  Enter your email address as your “Username.”  If you have an account, your temporary password will be sent to that email address.  Your “Username” is your unique, primary email address in AUXDATA (the first one shown in your Member Detail page in the AuxDirectory). It cannot be the same as used by any other Auxiliarist. Often shared email addresses occur in family membership. For the AUXLMS, each member in a family must have a unique email address in AUXDIRECTORY.

   AuxOp Program

   Boating Safety Resource Center - video and photo libraries, accident report provided by the
   Coast Guard.

   C-School website - a one-stop website providing training opportunities furnished by the
   Coast Guard.

   Communications - radio - Telecommunication Operator (TCO) Mentors Guide

   Dive Program
   Education Department - Electronic Library Resource Center - course information, training tools,
   templates, etc.

   Flotilla Commander Academy (FCA) 2017 - webpage contains PowerPoint Presentation shared at the 2017 FCA in St. Louis, Mo. 
   Flotilla Leadership Course

   Health Care Facilities Training Instructions - COMDINST 6010.2C

   Incident Command System (ICS) - select the Operations link in the left column of this website.

   Knot Tieing - Knowing your knots - animation on tieing knots - bowline, hitches, bends and many others.

   Member Training Compendium -  A pdf document containing a short detailed summary of member training ranging from AuxOp, certifications, workshops, mandated training to public education. The bottom of the document includes a multitude of hyperlinks to training sources and materials on the internet. 

   NavRules - NavRules Training Program - visit National Testing Center site for another program. 
   National Testing Center - a comprehensive list of courses, materials and examinations.

   Online Classroom for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Formally called Virtual Classroom e-Learning.
 All courses previously available in the Virtual Classroom are available at the new Online Classroom.  Vist the Online Classroom at  Includes courses for Public Affairs, Recreational Boating Safety (RBSPV, VE), Operations (NAVRULES, OPSPOL), APC, New Member, etc.
   Training Department (National)

   Value Added Courses - interesting Auxiliary information of value to you with no testing.