Marine Safety : Time Reporting

If you have questions regarding MS reporting time, contact your SO-MS or DSO-MS officer.

  1. For specific information on a particular mission refer to the instruction pages of the ANSC 7030 form.
  2. 70N and 70V can be part of your regular PA/PE Recreational Boating Safety activities.
  3. Hours spent working on Operation Focused Lens project may be logged as 70V. This code applies to shore side surveys and administrative time only. Underway hours are not included in 70V time.
  4. Hours Spent in Direct Support of CG Units or MS can qualify towards Auxiliary Operations Service Award (O or M Device) and District Strike Team Awards
  5. Most Marine Safety Missions are logged as 7030 hours and do count higher on Auxiliary Time reporting than general hours (7029) hours.
  6. Time spent studying for Marine Safety certifications or working on Marine Safety Qualifications is recorded as (70U) 7030 hours. Marine Safety hours are just reported differently.
  7. Travel Time and Expenses are still logged as 7029 Hours
    If performing Marine Safety Activities under US Coast Guard Orders, such as
    • Sea Partners Workshops
    • Other Marine Safety Workshops
    Travel Time/Miles is recorded from the time you leave home until you return home
  8. Generally time is recorded as "Lead Time" even if you are training for a qualification and recording it as 70U
  9. Division Members who are within commuting distance and can provide regular support to CG Units located in the
    • St Louis
    • Quad Cities
    • Minneapolis/St Paul
    • Memphis
    areas can, with unit approval, provide direct volunteer support to the units for many 70 activities listed under Marine Safety Missions
  10. Check with your appointed Division Auxiliary USCG Liaison Officer and/or Chain of Leadership (COL) before contacting the unit directly

Display Reporting Codes

Navigation Systems

NS is not a marine Safety Mission. It falls under the national Prevention Directorate but is Not marine safety.

Incident Command

  • 28A Command Post Support (ICS)
  • 28B Command Post Exercise (ICS)
  • 28G Initial Pollution Response