Personnel Security Process Issues and Forms for Eighth Western Rivers & Eighth Eastern Regions ONLY

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PROCEDURES ARE ONLY FOR EIGHTH WESTERN RIVERS AND EIGHTH EASTERN REGIONS, ALL OTHERS SHOULD CONTACT THEIR DISTRICT OR DIVISION FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.                                                                                                                              

NOTE:  All D.O. security packages are to be submitted online, paper documents are no longer accepted.  (See Step 8 below for information on submitting required signatures pages)

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Procedures for submitting a D.O. Security Package:
  1. Determine if you need a D.O. security clearance. You will need a D.O. clearance if you  have a Fingerprint Qualification, Pilot Qualification, Air Crew Qualification, EXCOM or special requests by Sector Upper or Lower.
  2. Call Rhonda Dupras at 314-269-2696 before proceeding.
  3. Once you contact Rhonda Dupras, she will invite you to start your application.   Without this invitation you will not be able to submit a D.O. package.
  4. Once you are advised to fill out your application online, you have 30 days.  After 30 days the eQIP system will automatically terminate the request.
  5. The eQIP Website is:
  6. Logon to the website and fill out the form.  If you have trouble logging into the system, please refer to the “eQIP Troubleshooting” guide for more information.  (
  7.  When you complete the form certify it, print the signature pages, and then release the form back to Rhonda Dupras for review/release.
  8. NOTE:  Forms to be mailed to DIRAUX office (which Rhonda Dupras will forward to Seccen) are:  Fingerprint Cards (FD-258); the three signature pages from eQIP (CER, MEL, REL) (*the request number on signature pages must match the submitted request on eQIP*); Credit Release Form (DHS-11000-9); and  (Form CG-5588)
  9. A birth certificate or passport is no longer required with the D.O. package.
Personnel Security Action - form CG-5588
Disclosure and Authorization pertaining to consumer reports - DHS form 11000-9 (10-03)