Personnel Security Process Issues and Forms

NOTE:  All D.O. security packages are to be submitted online, paper documents are no longer accepted.  (See Step 8 below for information on submitting required signatures pages)

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Procedures for submitting a D.O. Security Package:
  1. Determine if you need a D.O. security clearance. You will need a D.O. clearance if you  have a Fingerprint Qualification, Pilot Qualification, Air Crew Qualification, EXCOM or special requests by Sector Upper or Lower.
  2. Call Rhonda Dupras at 314-269-2696 before proceeding.
  3. Once you contact Rhonda Dupras, she will invite you to start your application.   Without this invitation you will not be able to submit a D.O. package.
  4. Once you are advised to fill out your application online, you have 30 days.  After 30 days the eQIP system will automatically terminate the request.
  5. The eQIP Website is:
  6. Logon to the website and fill out the form.  If you have trouble logging into the system, please refer to the “eQIP Troubleshooting” guide for more information.  (
  7.  When you complete the form certify it, print the signature pages, and then release the form back to Rhonda Dupras for review/release.
  8. NOTE:  Forms to be mailed to DIRAUX office (which Rhonda Dupras will forward to Seccen) are:  Fingerprint Cards (FD-258); the three signature pages from eQIP (CER, MEL, REL) (*the request number on signature pages must match the submitted request on eQIP*); Credit Release Form (DHS-11000-9); and  (Form CG-5588)
  9. A birth certificate or passport is no longer required with the D.O. package.
Personnel Security Action - form CG-5588
Disclosure and Authorization pertaining to consumer reports - DHS form 11000-9 (10-03)