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The PQSs that qualify an auxiliarist for the Trident Device are value-added qualification. They are made available to Auxiliarist such that direct augmentation may be provided in areas where the Coast Guard needs people. The Coast Guard expends a large amount of resources towards training and therefore cannot qualify auxiliarists in an area just because the auxiliarist wishes to be qualified.

Because of the financial and personnel commitment required from the active duty, the completion of any PQS is contingent on funding that’s available. If an Auxiliarist approaches Sector with a written plan detailing their level commitment, applicable professional experience (if applicable), and timeline for completion, that will go a long ways towards convincing their respective Sector that they are serious and will be a real asset to the unit. When preparing a plan, it may be helpful to think of it as a job application packet.

If you are interested in pursuing a PQS which is not listed here, the auxiliarist is still encouraged to develop a plan to present to Sector for consideration.

The following PQSs are currently supported in our District:

Sector Upper Mississippi River:
AUX-UPV (Note: 8WRR only has one qualified UPV at the moment, so training time may be limited.)
Assistant Facility Inspector
Assistant Contingency Planner

Sector Lower Mississippi River:
Contact John Donar (Sector Liaison) with the PQSs you would like to complete and he will work with Sector to determine need.