Public Affairs

Importance of Public Affairs

Public Affairs is the most important directorate in the Coast Guard Auxiliary for the simple can't sell something if you don't advertise. Case in point: Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. the Coast Guard came out the heroes when the rest of the emergency responders were constantly bashed beyond repair because they did not sell their organizations as well as the Coast Guard.
The Coast Guard has a saying in PA...Maximum disclosure with the minimum of delay. Never try to cover something up, plus the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary are truly dedicated to saving lives.

Public Affairs Officers should be involved in every aspect of the Unit activities. Much of the time the unit PA officer has a better understanding on how to talk with the press than the Commanding officer and should be sought out to help in all public appearances.

If you are a new PA officer, research the training and resources available to you. Much of the training for a new PA officer is online but if you get the opportunity to go to PA C-school (Aux12) it will be a memorable experience.
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