PPE Policies

The MD3183 is the only inflatable PFD supported by DIRAUX. Members desiring one are encouraged to read the policy to become thoroughly familiar with the MD3183 and the limitations concerning its use. SO-OPs and QEs are authorized to sign-off the Auxiliary Modified PQS. The swim test may only be proctored by a QE.

The policy can be read here.
The Auxiliary-modified MD3183 PQS instructions are here.

Swim Test PQS

The latest modification of the 8WR Swim Test PQS is available here.


Tue, 17 Mar 15   Posted by: John Crout

These documents supersede previous versions of the PPE Policy.   The original document was too large for WOW to accept it. (The limit for an uploaded file is 1 MB.)

2015 PPE Policy Instruction

2015 PPE Policy Enclosures 1 through 5

2015 PPE Policy Enclosures 6 through 11