Armed Services Exchange Regulations

Auxiliary ID

Periodically Coast Guard Auxiliary members visit military installations.  Presenting the Coast Guard Auxiliary Member ID is usually sufficient to permit entrance onto the base as well as purchase of items through the Base Exchange.  If security asks for more than the Member ID, presentation of a copy of page 10-7, Section B.2. of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual along with a copy of the Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction number 1330.21 should be sufficient.  If with this additional documentation security does not permit entrance to the base, through the Chain of Leadership, please let the Director of the Auxiliary (DirAux) know the base involved along with the security Point of Contact address so that the issue may be addressed by the Director.

Supporting Documentation

  • DoD (Department of Defense) Instruction 1330.21
    • Section 2.2 on page 1 of the DoD Instruction 1330.21 applies to the Coast Guard, which the Auxiliary is part of in keeping with 14 USC 823a (a) that considers Auxiliary members to be Federal Employees for certain purposes.
    • Page 28, Enclosure 6, Table E6.T2, Limited Exchange Privileges, item 15, shows that Coast Guard Auxiliary members have limited exchange privileges when identified using the CG Auxiliary ID card for buying uniform articles and accessories authorized by CG Auxiliary Directives (the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual).
    • Page 10-15, item 39, shows that in AAFES, MCX and NeXCOM active members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary can purchase articles and accessories of the uniform ONLY.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1G)
    • Chapter 1, Section A.3. states that the Auxiliary is a component of the Coast Guard Forces like the active duty, Reserves and civilian components.  Thus the Auxiliary may be referred to and considered to be included under the general organizational umbrella of the Coast Guard.