Urgent GAR 2.0 Implementation Guidance (Time Sensitive)

Tue, 08 May 18  

Hello all,

 I know that a lot of you have had questions about the implementation of GAR 2.0. In this post, I will set the expectations and deadlines for implementation for DIRAUX Western Rivers. As some of you know, but some may not, Sector Upper Mississippi River (SUMR) has given guidance to all of its operational elements for implementation of the new Risk Management (RM) system. The Sector Commander has given a dead line of July 1st 2018 for implementation of GAR 2.0 for the Auxiliary. This is a very short fuse that we only recently found out about here in DIRAUX. My plan is to hold to that deadline, and require those dates of completion for ALL of DIRAUX WR personnel involved in planning, conducting, supervising, and monitoring Coast Guard activities, meaning… Anyone involved in the process of conducting operations, such as, Radio watch-stander, boat crew, air crew, etc… (this direction includes those that work for Sector Lower).. Please read the “Signed Risk Management 3500.3A” attachment for further clarification.

 Here is how we are going to do it. I have included some training tools with this post to help us along with implementation. Most of them are tools from Coast Guard headquarters explaining the GAR 2.0 reasoning and process (some of you may have seen these items at D-Train). Most important is the Power Point presentation built by SUMR on what the GAR 2.0 is and how it works. I am also building out a “How too” power point that should help you walk through the process. That will be posted in the next few weeks to come as I have not finished building it yet.

 For the time being, here is what I need from you folks. There is a “one time” on-line training titled: “Introduction to Risk Management” that is mandatory for all Coast Guard operational elements. That can be found on the Aux Learning Management System (AUXLMS), under Mandatory Training – B (MT-B) course code 100202. This is an hour and a half module that will explain how the new GAR 2.0 system is a hybrid of the original GAR, PEACE, and STARR models, course code 100202. I am requiring that all members with the duties mentioned above have the training complete by 30 May 2018. After you take it, you will never have to take it again. Then we will move on with implementing the GAR 2.0 process using the training tools provided and training from your leadership in order to meet the expectation of familiarity of GAR 2.0 by this July. Tracking the completion of the online module will be a challenge since AUXDATA is not set up to track it yet. I will need you folks to either screen shot, print out, or take a picture of your course completion screen and send it to your DSO-MT. The DSO-MT will be responsible for compiling the information and giving it to the DSO-OP. The DSO-OP will then verify that everyone is within the aforementioned programs has completed the training and report up the chain while copying me. Sector Upper will not accept old GAR scores past the deadline dates for implementation. And failure to comply may place members in Admin REYR.

Pilots and Air Crew must complete CRM training as per the signed Risk Management policy. This training will be administered by your perspective Air Station. The time line for CRM completion will fall under the direction of the Commanding Officer of that Air Station.

If there are issues with the training.. Or you just have general questions feel free to reach out to your Chain of Command. They will then field these issues up to DIRAUX and we will get them solved. I know this can be painful implementing new processes, but I would like to get ahead of the curve. On July 1st, SUMR will no longer accept the older version of the GAR. And shortly there after, the entire Coast Guard will follow suit.

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Thank you for your time.

BOSN2 Matt Rogers
Operations / Training Officer
DIRAUX D-8 Western Rivers