Marine Safety : Trident : Mentor Info

When you are mentoring an Auxiliarist, it is important that you provide guidance to ensure that they can handle most anything a reasonable board may ask prior to signing off on a task. Please do not sign off on a task with the assumption that they’ll figure it out prior to the boards.

When arranging for the oral boards, every effort should be made to find three qualified members. If three qualified members are not available, an elected officer may preside over the board. If this is the case, it is especially important for the mentor to review relevant information and be prepared to correct the testing Auxiliarist in the event they answer a question incorrectly.

Oral boards may be conducted via webinar and the Auxiliarist may use their notes and other resources available, at the discretion of their mentor and board. However, they should not have to hunt extensively for an answer.

To arrange for oral boards, the mentor should contact the DSO-MS