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Welcome to the Members section of District 8th Western Rivers website.  Within this section you will find information about District leadership, values, structure, policies, guides, training, forms, data and uniform sources, events and much more. 

The District website contains three primary sections - Member, Public and Director of the Auxiliary (Privacy) which provides information specific to the category.  Every effort has been made to keep the website as simple, easily navigable and user friendly as possible. 
In keeping with the Privcy Act and Homeland Security interests you may be asked to log on to a given webpage, depending upon the information you are seeking.  This is accomplished by entering your Employee ID number and password (the same as used for the AuxDirectory) in the Member Zone fields.  Logging on will avail the user to such information as member telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, announcements meant only for members, etc.    

You are encouraged to browse all segments of this website.  Bookmark (designate as Favorites) pages that you want to view frequently.  Return to the site regularly to learn of new updates.

Robert G. Tippett

District Commodore