Material Store

Members of District 8WR may order material supplies from either the District 8WR store or the Auxiliary Center (AuxCen) on-line store.  The items available and prices found in the on-line catalog through AuxCen apply to both stores.

Order through the District 8WR Material Store

When ordering through the District 8WR Materials Store determine the item number, product description and price from the on-line catalog (see Access AuxCen below) then complete the Materials Store form.  Mail the form with a check, money order or credit card information (Master Card or Visa Card) to:

2 Hedgewood
Manchester, MO 63011

Phone: (636) 391-0423

E-mail address:

Access AuxCen Store

Active members of the USCG Auxiliary may login to the Auxiliary Center (AuxCen) store.  The Auxiliary Electronic Directory (AuxDirectory) is used to verify membership and identify the Region in which the member resides.  Members must use their AuxDirectory password to enter the AuxCen on-line store.  As an Auxiliarist, your records are established in AuxData.  Accordingly, you automatically have an account in the AuxDirectory.  However, you must activate your account in the AuxDirectory before you may open the AuxCen Store website.  If you have not yet activated your account in the AuxDirectory or forgot your password, open the AuxDirectory logon webpage and follow the instructions for activating an account or resetting a password.

It is very important that the e-mail address you are currently using and your e-mail address in AuxData match.  If not, you will need to update your records in AuxData before you will be permitted to activate your account in the AuxDirectory.  You can update your e-mail address in AuxData yourself or complete and submit and ANSC Form 7028 to your FSO-IS (Information Services) officer.

Enter AuxCen Store

To open the AuxCen Store website, log on to the Shop Auxiliary website.  Use your Member ID number and the password established for the AuxDirectory to log on; the browser will open to the Members Only Benefit Page.  Select the hyperlink titled AUXCEN which is located in the upper right corner of the webpage just under the header.  Having selected the AUXCEN link you are now in the Auxiliary Center Store.  Browse the store for products of interest, add items to the Cart then select Checkout and follow the instructions for purchasing the selected items. 

AuxCen Store Contact and Mailing Information

Coast Guard Auxiliary Center
9449 Watson Industrial Store
St. Louis, MO 63126-1522

Telephone number: (314) 962-8828

E-mail address: