Marine Safety in 8WR

The USCG Auxiliary's Prevention Department (P-Department) is responsible for the planning and administration of Auxiliary programs to support and augment the United States Coast Guard's Prevention Directorate.

This support may include: 

  • Support for marine environmental response assistance
  • Port safety and security inspections
  • Commercial vessel safety and security inspections
  • Container inspection assistance
  • Mariner licensing/documentation/course audits
  • Public affairs
  • Area contingency planning
  • Waterways management
  • America's Waterways Watch
  • MISLE support
  • Environmental education

It is important to note, however, that while these programs may be available nationally, not all of these programs are available all the time in 8th Western Rivers.  Please refer to “Current Sector Needs” for more information.

In these roles,  we assist and augment the Coast Guard's vital role as the nation's guardian agency ensuring the safety and environmental protection of our ’ precious waterway resources.  As America's Volunteer Guardians, we are committed to be dedicated, vigilant, and ready to engage this mission on behalf of our fellow citizens.

8th Western Rivers is in a unique geographic situation for Marine Safety and Environmental Protection.  It is important as our programs continue to grow to remind ourselves and the public that “marine” is not exclusive to salt water environments.  In addition to the major navigable rivers, each state has its own sole state waters that our MSEP team should strive to protect by providing education as to the importance of maritime domain aware and environmental protection.