Most manuals are now available only on a CD/DVD through the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC).   However, virtually all are available on-line for downloading.  The most prevalent on-line source for downloading manuals is the USCG Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety.
The following are a few manuals that are more challenging to find:
  • On Water Training following a Public Education course - FAQs, Water Release form and On Water Training Manual. 
  •  SAR Addendum - Edition M16130.2E dated October 2009
  •  SAR Links 

Auxiliary Manual

Fri, 03 Aug 12  

Auxiliary Manual COMDTINST M16790.1G - this is the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual.

1. Since promulgation of the Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1G) approximately one year ago, many aspects of the Auxiliary policies described in it have been subject of review for purposes of revision and update. The attached PDF file (AUXMAN-CH-1-SUMMARY-03AUG12) contains chapter-by-chapter, section-by-section descriptions of changes to the Auxiliary Manual that are effective immediately (its first three pages provide a snapshot summary of the sections of the manual that have been changed). These changes center around updates to Auxiliary organizational structure and administrative processes. They will be incorporated into the next promulgated change to the Auxiliary Manual anticipated in 2013.
2. To make the location and context of these changes easier, the Auxiliary Manual posted on the Chief Director's (CG-BSX-1) web site ( is being annotated so that a reader will be able to readily see if any given section has a corresponding change, and if so then they will be able to quickly see that change. That effort will be completed and available for use no later than 10 August 2012.

3. Many of these changes deal with the enrollment and processing of new Auxiliarists (i.e., those in Approval Pending [AP] status, ref chapter 3). The most significant change in this area is authorization to issue Auxiliary ID cards to members in AP status. Additionally, significant changes to the Auxiliary Enrollment Form (ANSC-7001) are nearly complete, and its release will soon be announced by ALAUX.