Marine Safety : MS Officers Info

As a minimum, Each Marine Safety officer should strive to earn the Marine Safety Training Ribbon (more information is on the Marine Safety Training Ribbon Page) with the Marine Safety Administration and Management Specialist (MSAM) Personal Qualification Standard (PQS) to help them learn more about the marine safety program and learn about the available resources.   Additionally, each officer is encouraged to thoroughly familiarize themselves with this and the National P-Department website as they will provide the most up-to-date information as it becomes available.

Job duties for MS Officers may include (adapted from

  1. Be prepared to assist others with any workshops, seminars, and training sessions related to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (MS/MEP) as may be required.
  2. Be familiar with the contents of the various publications and directives pertaining to Auxiliary Marine Safety and Environmental Protection efforts.
  3. Provide augmentation, assistance, and support to:
    1. Environmental outreach programs
    2. MS/MEP missions as outlined in the National Program
    3. Emergency planning and response teams
    4. "Sea Partners" and other outreach and educational programs
  4. Develop and participate in projects that will benefit and enhance the MS/MEP activites.
  5. Promote the expansion of MS/MEP education topics into Auxiliary public boating safety education courses.
  6. In coordination with the SO-MS, work with the Marine Safety Office Sea Partners Coordinator, Marine Safety Office Reserve Team Leader, and division and flotilla staff officers to further the Sea Partners program and other MS/MEP public outreach education activities.
  7. Take positive steps to ensure that counterpart staff officers and flotilla staff officers are well trained. Conduct such workshops, seminars, and training programs as may be necessary to ensure that National, District, and Division policies are followed in the MS/MEP activity.
  8. Establish goals and objectives for your area of responsibility and prepare the necessary plans to achieve them. Maintain a periodic review of achievements, compare with the progress made in previous years, and report their status to the flotilla at each meeting.
  9. Make sure that information is disseminated up and down the chain of leadership and management as appropriate.