Hot Weather Policy

District Eighth Western Rivers Policy

 "All Auxiliarists on board vessel facilities, during an ordered mission, shall wear the Working or Undress uniform, Hot Weather uniform (when authorized), or the Jump suits appropriate to the climate. In areas where required, survival suits shall be substituted for the uniform. Auxiliarists, when considered appropriate, should replace the insignia of their current or highest past office with the member device. The uniform selection is the coxswain’s choice and it should be the same for all crew members."

"For VEs, the Polo shirt is authorized for wear as an optional uniform shirt worn as part of the Undress Blue Summer (Bravo), Working Blue, Operational Dress (OD), - Examiners and Hot Weather uniform. The shirt is not authorized for wear on patrol and no insignia, name tags or breast devices shall be worn with the shirt. Headgear (when) wearing the Polo shirt) shall not display office insignia, embroidered oak leaves or acorns on the ball cap visor or sun hat. The AUXCEN carries the only shirt authorized. The VE shirt may be worn with civilian attire."

"The word uniform implies consistency and conformance to certain standards."

"The Hot Weather Outfit is appropriate in locations where humidity and high temperatures cause physical discomfort for personnel performing outdoor activities. This outfit is similar to the standard work uniforms described earlier in this chapter, except the standard Working Blue (ODU) utility trousers or ODU trousers are modified into shorts hemmed 1-4 inches above the knee. Local prescribing authorities may authorize use of the Coast Guard blue crew neck T-shirt stenciled with the words “USCG AUXILIARY” across the front left chest in white ¾ inch tall block-style letters. When T-shirts are authorized, then all must be stenciled identically to promote unit identity and professional appearance. This uniform is considered an optional work uniform and falls under the same guidelines as the Working Blue or OD uniform for traveling to and from work.

One of two shirts* may be worn, either the standard Coast Guard light blue (Air Force) shirt or the standard Coast Guard dark blue short sleeve shirt. Shirts must be worn tucked into the shorts. The optional VE shirt may be worn when conducting vessel safety checks.

Modified standard Coast Guard blue utility trousers hemmed 3-6 inches above the knee are worn.
A black web belt with a silver buckle and tip is worn. The buckle may be plain or display the Auxiliary emblem.
Socks shall be all white, athletic type, crew length.

Shoes may be dark brown boat/deck shoes with nonskid/nonmarking soles or all white or all black, low top, athletic shoes with nonskid/nonmarking soles.

Metal collar or sew-on devices are worn with this outfit.

This outfit is worn with breast insignia, qualification devices and name tags (unless the Auxiliarist is wearing a PFD). Ribbons are not worn. Sew-on nametape, “USCG Auxiliary” tape and coxswain insignia, if earned, are authorized on the Coast Guard dark blue shirt.

The Auxiliary sun hat without insignia or a unit baseball cap with member pin-on or sew-on device or a blue working utility cap with the miniature garrison cap device centered above the visor."
Reference source: U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN), COMDTINST M16790.1F, Chapter 10
District 8WR Hot Weather Uniform Guide published 26 June 2007.
* The Operations gray polo shirt may continue to be worn until 31 December 2007.