Communication With Other Government Agencies Policy

Tue, 01 Nov 11  

Dear Eighth Western Rivers Region Auxiliary Leadership:

 In reviewing the new Auxiliary Manual, paragraph 5.B.1 it specifically states the following:

"Auxiliarists shall not communicate with officials of other Government agencies or members of Congress in the name of the Auxiliary unless the Chief Director of Auxiliary determines the recommendations or requests are consistent with the Coast Guard and Auxiliary policy and grants the Auxiliarist specific permission in advance of the communication."

After consulting with CG-5421 (CHDIRAUX) and given that in the past DIRAUX instructed at FCA that it was Ok to invite members of Congress as long as DIRAUX was advised of the invitation so D8 External Affairs could be informed. The Chief Director's office responded and clarified this provision of the new AUXMAN with respect to how it applied to events like inviting VIPs to a Flotilla and/or Division Change-of-Watch, so here is how it will be applied:

For invitations to intra-regional events (e.g. - District/division/flotilla COWs), DIRAUX must be notified via your respective Chain-of-Leadership of the intent to invite the VIP (member of Congress/Governor/State Representative/Mayor/other public officials/senior officials of another government agency. DIRAUX will then advise District Eight Public Affairs for approval. If the intent to invite is approved by D8 Public Affairs, that approval will be passed back to the originator through the DIRAUX office via the respective Chain-of-Leadership. Once the originator invites the VIP, he/she shall use the same notification of DIRAUX regarding acceptance to the event and advise the appropriate Sector Command of any VIP acceptance.

Given the above guidance, I was advised that these changes should be forthcoming to the new AUXMAN, but in the meantime, this policy is effective immediately all 8WR Auxiliary members who would consider planning to invite any of the above described VIPs and these steps for approval will be followed:

1. Send your request (intent to invite a VIP) via email to the Director's office outlining the following;
   a. Who you are requesting to communicate with?
   b. What is the reason for the communication/action, provide details?
   c. How will this communication/action support the Coast Guard and Auxiliary policy?
   d. When you desire to initiate the communication/action?

2. Provide the POC contact information for both yourself and the contact information for the Government agency/member of Congress to include an accurate email and phone number to the Director's office.

I will in turn forward your request to the D8 External Affairs office for approval.  If approval is granted and the Auxiliary member then makes contact and the appropriate Government agency/member of Congress agrees or takes action on the communication, then that action must be communicated up the chain in a similar fashion as the request was.

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


CDR Todd J. Campbell
D8 Western Rivers Region
Director of Auxiliary
St. Louis, MO.