Forms Universally Used and District 8WR Specific

Forms - Universally Used
Auxiliary National has developed standardized forms that are universally used throughout the Auxiliary.  A list of the forms may be found on National's website by clicking on the Forms Warehouse drop-down link under the AUX MEMBERS header above.  Some of the forms are designed to be completed electronically (fill-in),
saved and printed.  Many are designed for on-line submission   These forms and others may also be ordered through the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC) by the Flotilla Materials Officer.

Auxiliarists should periodically check Nationals Forms webpage for revised forms as well as new additions to the electronic forms list.  To utilize the forms, at minimum, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open the form files.  You may download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Select the hyperlink in the left column of this page titled Universally Used for a list of a few, frequently used forms that are available on-line and the purpose of the form.  District 8WR guides for routing many of the forms can be found on the Routing Guides links also in the left column.
Guide to completing National forms
Information Systems has provided an MS PowerPoint giving guidance in completing some of the principal mission hour forms i.e. 7029, 7030, 7038, 7039, 7046, etc.  As indicated at the end of the presentation "the Mission Isn't Over Until the Forms Are Filed".  
8WR District Specific Forms
Coast Guard Districts have the prerogative to deviate from the standard forms and incorporate information  specific or unique to their needs  as well as develop forms of their own.  District specific forms and/or forms used regularly by DirAux are available from the hyperlink in the left column of this page titled 8WR Specific.  District guides for routing the forms can be found using the Routing Guides links also in the left column of this page.