Guide to enrolling new members

Enrollment Package

  • The Flotilla Commander should submit the documents and dues as follows:
  • Dues components
    • Send the National and District dues to DirAux along with the Enrollment Application:
USCG Directory of Auxiliary 
Robert A. Young Federal Building    
1222 Spruce Street, Room 2.102H
St. Louis, MO 63103-2832
    • Division dues should be mailed directly to the Division by separate check
    • Flotilla dues should be retained by the Flotilla.

  • Document components
    • Send the following items to DirAux (address noted above)
      • Enrollment Application, ANSC 7001  (Do not copy back to back)
      • 2 Fingerprint Cards (use Coast Guard provided cards only - available from DirAux or can be ordered directly from the Auxiliary National Supply Center (ANSC)  ANSC catalogue  - Fingerprint Application ANSC Stock Number 6000b.
      • ID Card Form (preferred but not mandatory)
      • Picture of applicant (preferred but not mandatory)
      • Copy of USA Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship, Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the US, Certificate of Birth issued by U.S. Department of State or Certificate of Birth-Foreign Service, as applicable.
      • Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. Consent to Membership Form 
    • Checklist - before submitting the enrollment compare your submission material with the New Member Enrollment Checklist MS Word or Adobe Acrobat to ensure all requirements have been met and the package is complete.

New Member Examination
Section IV - Flotilla Certification and Attachments on the Enrollment Application contains a checkbox to indicate that the New Member Exam was completed plus a place for the Date and Score.  The New Member Course may be secured from ANSC (Auxiliary National Supply Center).  Its stock number is 5536.  Additionally, the Answer Key for the course may be ordered under stock number 5536A.

New Member Course Online 
The New Member Course is available online HERE. Prospective members can review the Study Guide material, take a quiz following completion of each section then take the final exam online. A printout of the notification that they passed with 80 percent or better will suffice in lieu of the hard copy answer sheet currently required with the new member application.
After the user completes the final examination they will immediately see whether or not they passed.  If they passed, the user will then be given the opportunity to print the confirmation screen which shows that they passed the course.  Section IV of the Enrollment Application, form 7001, provides a line for the Flotilla Commander to place a check mark confirming that the New Member Exam was completed the insert the date the examination was completed and the score.  Course completion confirmation by the Flotilla Commander is all that is needed, no course attachments are required.

Fingerprint processing
DirAux forwards the fingerprint cards to SECCEN (Security Center) to determine suitability.
This is a lengthy process.  At the point the cards are forwarded to SECCEN the applicant is considered "pending".  They will remain pending until suitability determination is made, at which time they will receive their welcome package and will be transferred from the pending flotilla into their requested flotilla.