Direct Deposit

Purpose of Direct Deposit with the Coast Guard
Direct Deposit allows the Coast Guard to effect payments and reimbursements via an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) quickly, securely, and directly to the bank account specified by the individual/claimant.  This eliminates a lot of time, cost, and administrative overhead associated with processing, printing, and mailing payroll and reimbursement checks.

Direct Deposit Required
Effective January 1, 2008, all Auxiliarists must be enrolled for Direct Deposit with the Coast Guard to receive reimbursements from the Coast Guard for expenses associated with patrols, official travel, or any other claims (e.g. - equipment damage).

Establish Direct Deposit
  • To establish direct deposit for reimbursements from the Coast Guard into your financial account:
    • Complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form on-line (this is a secure site)
      • Under the Payee/Company Information section of the ACH/EFT Enrollment form, the AGENCY field has a drop-down window.  Select: Coast Guard - ALC 70060000
    • Submit form via the web
Do not
FMS Form 2231, Fast Start Direct Deposit Form, should not be used for requesting direct deposit.  If this form is completed and submitted, it will not take effect and will be returned to the user.