Marine Safety : Trident : Complete a PQS

Personal Qualification Standard training is often conducted on the job, and similar to Boat Crew and Coxwain, contain mentoring tasks that your assigned mentor will discuss and sign off for you. Once the PQS workbook is completely signed off, your mentor will help you arrange for oral boards. The oral board will be an open book spoken examination in which three or four qualified members or active duty personnel (depending on the PQS) will ask questions related to the desired PQS. If the board agrees that you have sufficient expertise in the subject matter, you will be granted the designation.

The first PQS a member should strive to achieve is the Auxiliary Administrative and Management Specialist. This will introduce the member to the Active Duty and Auxiliary components and provide a more detailed look into the policies and intersection of the two.

Mentors are assigned by the District Staff Officer for Marine Safety. Once you’ve decided what PQS you’d like to complete, contact the DSO-MS for your mentor assignment and approval to begin work on the PQS.  It is not necessary to follow the COLAM for this contact.

For PQS’s other than MSAM and POS, the DSO-MS will ask for your PQS completion plan for approval through the appropriate sector prior to assigning a mentor.