Coastie On Assignment

The Eighth Coast Guard District, Western Rivers Region, owns four Coasties.  All are on assignment.   Coastie assignments are on a 2 year rotational basis.  Members who currently have accepted responsibility for a Coastie unit are:
Steven Riddell - Coastie 042
Division 01
(314) 384-9141

COMO Dan Maresh  Coastie 055
Division 5
(563) 845 8823

Donna Cassell - Coastie 089
Division 02
(608) 304-3181 

Tracy DeLaughter     Coastie 024
Division 16
(918) 243 5102

How do I request Coastie's Appearance at a Public Education or Public Affairs event?
To place a request for a Coastie appearance simply contact one of the members shown above with whom Coastie resides.  Keep in mind that there are certain periods of time that Coastie is in high demand, therefore, you may need considerable lead time.  Additionally, availability is limited to the resident members schedule and travel distance.  Members who have accepted responsibility for Coastie are not reimbursed for their travel expenses i.e. room, food, gas and oil, etc.  Requesting units may want to consider ways to help these members offset their expenses.  Coastie's appearance is solely at the discretion of the member(s) with whom Coastie resides.

How to receive a Coastie assignment
If you are interested in accepting responsibility for a Coastie assignment, contact the DIRAUX staff.  They will provide details, availability and commitment needed for a Coastie assignment.

Historical Information About Coastie
Visit Coastie the Safety Boat website for the origin, statistics and other information about the Coastie program.