Auxiliary Facility Loss or Damage Claim Process

The procedure for an Auxiliary member of the Eighth Western Rivers Region to give notification and file a report for loss or damage to an Auxiliary facility while operating under orders is:
  • Report the damage or loss to your Operational Commander within 24 hours;
  • Report the damage or loss to the Director of Auxiliary Office within 48 hours;
  • Notify your own insurance company
  • File a claim form with the Director of Auxiliary Office within 6 months from the date of damage or loss (a claim will be denied if the form is received after the 6 month period).
    • Accompany the claim form with the following documents:
      • Copy of your orders;
      • Original estimates (two if damage is greater than $200; one if less than $200);
      • Photos of the damage.
    • Links for downloading the Loss/Damage Claim Packet are available below.  The packet contains a Damage Claim Check List and the claim form.
Loss/Damage Claim Packet - Fill-in Adobe Acrobat (89KB)
Loss/Damage Claim Packet - MS Word (56KB)

MLC Auxiliary Claims Handbook - Adobe Acrobat

Auxiliary Vessel Salvage Funding Procedures ALCOAST 657/09