AuxInfo - Database of Auxiliary Statistics

What is AUXINFO?
AUXINFO is a source where any member may obtain individual and unit statistical information such as mission hours, awards received, etc.  It  is a web based means where data is taken from AUXDATA (the Auxiliary data system) and presented in a meaningful, understandable, graphic way through the use of "cubes".

How do I access AUXINFO?
Enter AUXINFO via the internet at .  No password is required, no special software is needed.  Information about using AuxInfo and the information that can be obtained from it can be found in the How to Library located at  Scroll down to the AUXINFO Topics section where there are several helpful topics.

Where Do I Find What I Need?
Once in AUXINFO select the AUXDATA Cubes link where you will find most of the data that is input into AUXDATA. It is updated every Sunday. Note - the other link on the webpage titled AUXMIS Cubes refers to the computer system that was used just prior to the current AUXDATA system.
  • AWARDS Cube - contains the number and type awards issued to members. All of your awards may not show up if you earned them years ago. So check yours out and if you are missing any, work with your DSO-IS to get them in the system.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS Cube - contains profile information for all regions and units showing age groups, genders, and ethnicity.
  • MEMBER ACTIVITIES Cube - will be the most used to find out if all of your hours are showing up. Reports may be run by Area, District, Division, Flotilla, Member, or by Resource, showing the total hours or total missions, the number of VSCs performed, or the number of PVs performed. This data is available by calendar year, fiscal year, quarter, month, week, or day. Just remember that the system takes your date and time of mission and converts it to Zulu or Greenwich mean time so the dates may be different by one day. Helpful Hints: You must remember when first opened, the data displayed is for the number of hours spent in the missions.  To see the number of VSCs performed, you must click on the "Mission Hours" button and select a "measure" from the pop up menu, "Vessel Safety Checks Count."  Other "measures" such as "Marine Dealer Visits Count", "ATON Aids Verified", "SAR - Persons Assisted" and "Commercial Fishing Vessel Exams" can also be selected.
  • UNIT ACTIVITIES Cube - you may obtain the same information as the Member Activities Cube with the exception that it only goes down to Unit level and not by member. The major difference here is that only the lead hours from each mission are included in the totals where in the Member Activity Cube ALL hours are included in the totals. Again, remember to select the proper "measure" so as to present the data you desire. (Hours or Count.)
  • UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS Cube - shows the date of the last update.
  • COMPETENCIES Cube - contains information by Resource (Air, Boat, General, or Unit.) Under Air, you will find all who have air certifications. Under Boat, you will find ATON Technicians, Aid Verifiers, Coxswain, Crew, and PWC Operators.
    • Under General, there are items listed that are all found in other areas.
    • Under Unit you will find APC, (it is nearing election time and this will be one point you will need to check.)
    •  You can find those who are AUXOP, some workshops are appearing here but they are not complete. Workshops are found under Tasks.
  • The FACILITIES Cube - has Units, Radios, Boats, and Aircraft. Under the Units, it will tell you how many Districts, Divisions, and Flotillas there are. The other Resources (Radios, Boats, and Aircraft) are listed by type down to flotilla level.
  • The TASKS Cube includes Currency Maintenance which shows the required annual air and boat tasks including the Operations Workshop.
    • General Training is not valid at this time.
    • The Initial Qualification has all the qualifications obtained from the open book tests.
      Pilot Tasks/Competencies has all of the pilot information.
    • Professional Development has the APC course, all of the Specialty courses, Leadership courses, Good Mate Course, and ICS 100, 200, and 300.
    • Workshops has all of the workshops taken.
  • The UNIT LOCATION Cube gives the addresses or cities of all units in the Auxiliary. May be interesting if you plan to visit new areas.
Are there any cubes already drilled down to Division level for District 8WR?
Yes, there are several cubes already pre-formatted that will open at the Division level for District 8WR.  Should a member need further refinement to the flotilla or member level they need only to take one or two more steps to drill to the level of interest.  Click on the following hyperlink to open the webpage containing the Division Pre-formatted Reports.