AuxData - the Auxiliary Computer System

What is AuxData?
AuxData is a web-based management tool that is used to capture and report the Auxiliary’s operational and administrative activity by Flotilla, Detachment and Division throughout the United States.  Typical reports of mission activity (e.g. safety patrols, search and rescue, aids to navigation, public education, public affairs, etc.) are available.  Reports beyond the five core AuxData reports are available through AuxInfo (click on the Member Info/AuxInfo hyperlink in the left navigation column of this website for information about AuxInfo).
Quarterly the Coast Guard tallies the information on AuxData and uses it for budget preparation and operational management and for strategic planning purposes. Data from the system is used in developing the Coast Guard’s annual budget submission to Congress.
Who has access to AuxData?
Any member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary may access AuxData to view general information and reports.  Information Services Officers are the principal members authorized to input information into AuxData.

Where may I obtain detailed information about AuxData?
Visit the How To Library and scroll down to the AuxData Topics section for such subjects as Introduction to AuxData, Update Personal Information, Useful AuxData reports plus other subjects. 

What is the web address for entering AuxData?
The web address for entering AuxData is

Are there time limitations or other restrictions on my password?
Yes, there are both use and time limitations:
  • An account will be locked after three failed logon attempts.  The user may contact the SO-IS (Division Information Services Officer) to have his/her account unlocked.  However, when trying to access and you are unable to enter with two tries, exit the entire system then retry entry.  This will give you two more opportunities to enter.  As long as you do not try the 3rd time you will not be locked out.
  • After 45 days of inactivity, the user account will be locked.  If there is no user activity for a total of 90 days, the user account will be dropped.

How are passwords reset?
A password reset tool is now provided for members to reset their own password when the password is forgotten or have not logged on in 45 days and you are locked out.  The direct link to the password reset webpage is  provided on the AuxData entrance webpage (scroll down near to the bottom of the page to the section titled "Password Reset Tool".  However, if you have not signed on  in 90 days or more, your access is gone.  You then must contact the DSO-IS (District Information Services Officer) with a request that access be again assigned.