District 8WR What's New!

Wed, 12 Oct 16  
Sat, 13 Aug 16  

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has launched the new myCGAUX Member Portal. 

Visit myCGAUX -



Fri, 17 Jun 16  

Western Rivers Auxiliary Towing Policy 

It is important that all Auxiliary patrol vessels comply with this policy moving forward.  Please address questions or concerns through your operational Chain of Leadership. 


New Calendar of Events

Mon, 04 Jan 16  


We have added a new Calendar of Events.  8WR Events Calendar


2016 OPS Workshop

Fri, 01 Jan 16  

The 2016 OPS Workshop has been published in Powerpoint format and is available on the Operations page.


Verbal Orders Policy change for UMR

Wed, 12 Aug 15  

Change to Mandated Training deadline

Mon, 03 Nov 14  

The Chief Director has published changes to the Auxiliary Mandated Training deadline and requirements. You can read his message here.