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District 8WR What's New!

Revised training schedule for D-Train

Tue, 05 Aug 14  

The revised training schedule for the Fall D-Train is available on the D-Train page.


Summer Western Rivers

Tue, 05 Aug 14  

The summer edition of Western Rivers magazine has been published and is available for reading here.


Candidates for Office

Tue, 22 Jul 14  

Pursuant to Article 7.1 of our district's standing rules, the attached is a
list of members
that submitted a Letter of Intent to run for office. These
candidates meet the requirements to run and, if elected, hold office. This
list has also been vetted by DIRAUX.

D-Train Registration, Agenda and Training

Tue, 08 Jul 14  

Registration for D-Train is now open and available on the D-Train web page. The meeting agenda and preliminary training schedule have also been posted there.

AMLOC 05A & AUXLAMS C-Schools Now Available

Tue, 08 Apr 14  

AMLOC (05A) and AUXLAMS (AUX02A & AUX02B) are both C-School courses which have just been funded. The courses are now on the C-School calendar and open to all members. Both courses may fill up quickly so you are strongly advised to REGISTER QUICKLY. A Training Request (STTR) must be completed and sent to DirAux in St. Louis.

Refer to Member Information/Members only webpage on this website for complete information on AUXLAMS and AMLOC.

ID Card Processing Delay

Fri, 17 Jan 14  
There is a delay in processing ID cards due to the new system being implemented and all the bugs have not been worked out.  At present, the time frame to become fully operational is unknown.  Please note that if your card has expired, please notify the DirrAux office for replacement.

Mandatory Training

Tue, 05 Nov 13  

Unsure about what constitutes 'mandatory training' for auxiliarists?  The district training officer has added information to help you find and receive the training you need. Go to the training page for more guidance.