District 8WR What's New!

Mon, 16 Apr 18  
Mon, 19 Mar 18  

New 2018 VE Workshop Files

There are two new files for 2018 VE Workshop -  for .ppt click HERE! 

For Adobe file click  HERE!


MANDATORY - 2018 OPS Workshop Supplemental Training for 8WRR - This training is addition to the Annual Operations Workshop - Click HERE

Fri, 05 Jan 18  

2018 Operations & TCT Mandatory Workshops - Click HERE

Be sure to check back, in a few months there will be a new 8WRR Specific Operations Workshop, which will need to be completed.



Wed, 06 Dec 17

      2017 Flotilla Commander's Academy PowerPoints

The PowerPoint Presentations for the 2017 Flotilla Commander's Academy are now online.

Take a look, and implement these ideas in your Flotilla. 

Click Here to go to the menu. 


Mon, 15 May 17  

Marine Safety Alert - Inspections & Compliance Directorate, Safety Alert 04/17