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District 8WR What's New!

AOM Production Changes

Wed, 30 Jul 14  

We have received word from OSC via the OTO of upcoming changes to AOM Production.  These changes WILL impact every owner/operator.  The change with the most impact is SCR1420 which will UNCHECK all meals, this means you as an owner/operator will need to check which meals you supplied your crew (within given meal time parameters).  If as an owner/operator you did not supply a meal, please do not check the meal box and make note in the comments section you did not supply a meal.
Please pass this information down the chain no later than Sunday 03-AUG-14 and when doing so, please CC COMO Gumb, DSO-OP and COMO Smekta, DDC-R.

On 06-AUG-14, the day prior to the scheduled release, an AIM message will be sent to all owner/operators reminding them of this information.

Below is the information we received relating to the upcoming changes to AOM:

“I need to point out the default to have meals "unchecked" is a big change to have the OIA's and approvers double-check.  All meals to be reimbursed need to be checked from now appears the too many were being sent to FINCEN that were not actually eaten in relation to the patrol.

AOM Version 1.17 (scheduled 8/7/2014)

STR 1371: Owners/Operators/Submitters can now edit on the Calendar Panel, Calendar Agenda, Location Patrol Order List, and Search Order screens.

SCR 1420: Meals clear out whenever itineraries are changed and the default for all meals is UNCHECKED. This prevents members from automatically submitting meals.

SCR 1421: Warning message popup when a receipt is uploaded with no entered expenses.

STR 1465: Orders from FY 2013 were unable to be submitted. (FIXED bug in Fuel budget)

STR 1456: A "Facility in Use itinerary" now required before submitting claims to FINCEN. (Previously only checking when the patrol was completed)”

Cathryn Allison, ADSO-OP AOM

Candidates for Office

Tue, 22 Jul 14  

Pursuant to Article 7.1 of our district's standing rules, the attached is a
list of members
that submitted a Letter of Intent to run for office. These
candidates meet the requirements to run and, if elected, hold office. This
list has also been vetted by DIRAUX.

Briefings Posted

Tue, 22 Jul 14  

June 2014 Change of command briefings Sectors Upper and Lower Mississippi have been posted to the officer's report page in the Members Only section of the website.

Ops Department Clarifications

Mon, 14 Jul 14  

The Ops department has published several clarifications regarding orders for trailering, fuel reimbursement and radio facilities. Read these clarifications here.

D-Train Registration Changes

Fri, 11 Jul 14  

Due to changes set by the hotel, there have been changes to the menu for D-Train Fall 2014. If you have already completed your registration, please redo it with the revised form on the D-Train page..


Small Craft Advisory Publication

Tue, 08 Jul 14  

The Small Craft Advisory publication is for and about the nation's boating law administration professionals. Published bimonthly, the award-winning magazine utilizes news articles, features, standard columns and news briefs to highlight successful recreational boating safety programs, organization activities, professional news, legislative updates, upcoming events and other recreational boating-related safety, education and law enforcement matters. The latest edition is now available at

D-Train Registration, Agenda and Training

Tue, 08 Jul 14  

Registration for D-Train is now open and available on the D-Train web page. The meeting agenda and preliminary training schedule have also been posted there.

CGMA Report

Wed, 02 Jul 14  

Annual Report for CGMA
This is just a brief email to forward the 2013 Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Annual Report.
Direct financial assistance, loans and grants, in 2013 totaled $3.86 million. That included $721,000 in education assistance and $58,000 in adoption loans and grants. Another $65,000 went toward resource programs: financial counseling, loan origination fee reimbursements for student loans, layettes (newborn baby supplies), respite for fulltime caregivers with special needs family members. New initiatives in 2013 included implementation of the new adoption grant program and funding the financial portion of the Coast Guard Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshops.
With net assets of $28 million, CGMA ended the year in a good position to continue providing a network of support and assistance to the Coast Guard family worldwide.
The CGMA 2013 Annual report is also available for viewing on the CGMA Web site:
Ron Wolf
Director of Administration
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

SAR Reporting Sector LMR

Mon, 30 Jun 14  

 The e-mail address for submitting SAR form 7034 to Sector Lower Mississippi River is  This e-mail address is published to the following District 8WR webpages for future reference - Operations Related Information  and Forms Routing Guide  (this webpage is password protected so the user must log on to the District website before being able to browse the webpage).

SAR Reporting Sector UMR

Wed, 25 Jun 14  

The e-mail address for submitting SAR form 7034 to Sector Upper Mississippi River is STL-DG-ALLSECUMRCMDCEN@USCG.MIL   This e-mail address is published to the following District 8WR webpages for future reference - Operations Related Information and Forms Routing Guide (this webpage is password protected so the user must log on to the District website before being able to browse the webpage).

District 8WR Awards Published

Tue, 27 May 14  
District 8wr Awards earned in the year 2013 and presented in the year 2014 have been published to the District 8WR website.  Links to the various categories of awards are available on the 8WR Awards webpage.

Coast Guard Awards Earned by Auxiliarists

Sun, 25 May 14  

The list of Coast Guard awards earned by District 8WR Auxiliarists in the year 2013 and presented in year 2014 have been published to the District 8WR Coast Guard Awards webpage.  Click on the hyperlink in the very first column to read the citation that accompanied the award. 

AMLOC 05A & AUXLAMS C-Schools Now Available

Tue, 08 Apr 14  

AMLOC (05A) and AUXLAMS (AUX02A & AUX02B) are both C-School courses which have just been funded. The courses are now on the C-School calendar and open to all members. Both courses may fill up quickly so you are strongly advised to REGISTER QUICKLY. A Training Request (STTR) must be completed and sent to DirAux in St. Louis.

Refer to Member Information/Members only webpage on this website for complete information on AUXLAMS and AMLOC.

ID Card Processing Delay

Fri, 17 Jan 14  
There is a delay in processing ID cards due to the new system being implemented and all the bugs have not been worked out.  At present, the time frame to become fully operational is unknown.  Please note that if your card has expired, please notify the DirrAux office for replacement.

Mandatory Training

Tue, 05 Nov 13  

Unsure about what constitutes 'mandatory training' for auxiliarists?  The district training officer has added information to help you find and receive the training you need. Go to the training page for more guidance.