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District 8WR What's New!

DTrain Spring 2015

Sat, 13 Dec 14  
The 2015 Spring Dtrain will be held April 10-11 at Branson, MO. Details and registration forms will be posted on the DTrain page as they become available.

Beta test of Mandated Training Webinars

Mon, 10 Nov 14  

The Training Directorate is offering mandated training courses via a beta test Webinar. For more information, and to sign up to participate, go here.

Change to Mandated Training deadline

Mon, 03 Nov 14  

The Chief Director has published changes to the Auxiliary Mandated Training deadline and requirements. You can read his message here.

Auxiliary Photos

Wed, 01 Oct 14  

Bill Coby has posted many auxiliary pictures, including the 2014 D-Train in St Louis. Those pictures, and others, are posted here.

If you click on the thumbnail you will see a larger pic. Then click on that one and you will get a almost full screen and larger file version that you can download. Some pics have larger files that are downsized for the web. If anyone wants a larger file for printing, they can send Bill an email and he will send it to you. Bill's email is available from the Auxiliary Directory page.

ID Card Processing Delay

Fri, 17 Jan 14  
There is a delay in processing ID cards due to the new system being implemented and all the bugs have not been worked out.  At present, the time frame to become fully operational is unknown.  Please note that if your card has expired, please notify the DirrAux office for replacement.

Mandatory Training

Tue, 05 Nov 13  

Unsure about what constitutes 'mandatory training' for auxiliarists?  The district training officer has added information to help you find and receive the training you need. Go to the training page for more guidance.