District 8WR What's New!

Sat, 29 Sep 18  

AOM & AUXDATA Security Changes

Thu, 27 Sep 18  

Security changes are being implemented involving AuxData and AOM that will have an impact on Auxiliarists.  Please alert members in your District to the following changes.

Changes in Password Requirements

  • PBI 251109    Changes in password requirements from 8 to 15 characters.
  • PBI 251111    Changes password verification such that at least 8 characters need to be changed each time passwords are changed.
  • It is anticipated that these changes will be rolled out late this week, however users will not be impacted until their current password expires, at which time they will be prompted to create a new password according to the new requirements.

Additionally, times have been shortened for:

  1. LOCK OUT - 35 days
  2. PASSWORD RESET - every 60 days
  3. TOTAL DEACTIVIATION - after 90 days with no use

Suggest to your AOM users, who are often off the system all winter, that they log in on the first of each month in order for their account to stay active.  Also have them re-set their password as soon as prompted to do so.


Fri, 10 Aug 18  

GAR 2.0

Instructions and form - Click HERE

Tue, 03 Jul 18  

Inflatable PFD Notice: 

Policy Clarification 05-18:  Auxiliary Inflatable PFDs - Click HERE 

Fri, 08 Jun 18  

SECUMRINST 16790.1B - SUMR Call Sign Policy Change - Click HERE