Flotilla 11-7 General Information

On June 13th, 2017 Flotilla 11-07 hosted a flag retirement ceremony. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated.


Here’s to the red of it –
There’s not a thread of it,
No, not a shred of it
In all the spread of it
From foot to head,
But heroes bled for it,
Faced steel and lead for it,
Precious blood shed for it,
Bathing it Red!

Here’s to the white of it –
Thrilled by the sight of it,
Who knows the right of it
But feels the might of it
Through day and night?
Womanhood’s care for it
Made manhood dare for it,
Purity’s prayer for it
Keeps it so white!

Here’s to the blue of it –
Beauteous view of it,
Heavenly hue of it,
Star-spangled dew of it
Constant and true;
Diadems gleam for it,
States stand supreme for it,
Liberty’s beam for it
Brightens the Blue!

Here’s to the whole of it –
Stars, stripes and pole of it,
Body and Soul of it,
O, and the roll of it,
Sun shining through;
Hearts in accord for it,
Swear by the sword for it,
Thanking the Lord for it,
Red, White and Blue!

                                       John Jay Daly






NACO 3 Star Mandated Training Award of Excellence

At our January Division meeting DCDR Fred Gilman presented Diane Gilman Flotilla Commander Flotilla 11-07 2016 with the NACO 3 Star Mandated Training Award of Excellence. This award is presented for having over 90% of the Flotilla membership of qualified members complete all 10 Auxiliary Mandated Training Courses before the end of December 2016.  Since then all Flotilla 11-07 members have completed 100% of the courses.




A National Safe Boating Week Proclamation signed May 1, 2017, by Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett, and City of Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan declaring May 20-26, 2017 as National Safe Boating Week. As the busy season of on the water activities begin and the public participates in many water based recreational activities, the United States Coast Guard and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary promotes public awareness of the important items every boater should realize about boating safety. The National Safe Boating Week Proclamation encourages all boaters to wear their life jackets, know the “Rules of the Road” on the water, boat responsibly and take a safe boating class. For more information about safe boating

visit: or

Photo: From left to right William Welty, Flotilla Commander, USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 11-07, Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett, City of Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, Fred Gilman, Division 11 Commander, USCG Auxiliary.



USCG AUX 11-07 would like to thank Jeff Dilcher from River Marine and Restoration  as well as Richard Wacker from  Clarksville Blueway Adventures for becoming supporters of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.