Flotilla Mission and Vision Statements


  Flotilla 0821105, The Stones' River Flotilla, is a multi-mission, uniformed, volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary with our primary mission of the promotion of Recreational Boating Safety. Our customers are the boating Public, the United States Coast Guard, as well as many other Civilian and Government entities. The Stone's River Flotilla will support Division Eleven, District 8 Eastern Region, and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in providing training opportunities and qualified members.

  Our members have opportunity to serve our communities and our Country in many capacities, and our training opportunities reflect this. We understand Diversity and the many skills and assets our members have along with the wide variety of interests of our members. We will utilize these skills, assets, and interests to better promote the Auxiliary and our missions.

  We volunteer our time and resources to better promote boating safety and environmental concerns, as well as Homeland Security.



  As part of The United States of America Department of Home Land Security, we are not Citizen Soldiers, but Citizen Guardians, under the guidance of the U. S. Coast Guard, supporting it and its approved National, state and community partners, assisting in making safe and protecting our waterways. We come as proud U.S. citizens, with individual talents, skills and life experiences, seeking the training and new skills to work as flotilla teams to the benefit of all.

  Our personal rewards are in our personal growth and satisfaction knowing we are part of the fabric that makes our community and country safe and able to continue to live under the Constitutional rights and freedoms we all enjoy, and to proudly support the heritage of our nation's armed services and its many partners.

  Our Vision is to provide our Country and our Organization, mission support, general assistance, and protection and safety services in a safe and sound environment while striving to be a professional, well-educated, and well-trained unit.