Flotilla 6-3

Flotilla 6-3 is the oldest and largest Flotilla in Division 6.
Approximately two-thirds of our members are active in one or more programs.


We Participate in a wide range of activities in support of the U.S. Coast Guard and
its missions. Some of our activities include marine patrols, Vessel Safety Checks,
verifying aids to navigation, supporting marine and environmental safety, standing radio
watches, and much more.

Our members come from many diverse backgrounds. We share a commitment to
boating safety, a passion for the Auxiliary, and a desire to give back to our communities.

Our flotilla is always happy to welcome new members. The officers of 06-03 are
committed to ensuring each member has every opportunity to participate in the
activities of their choosing and to provide all available resources, so that each
member may obtain their full potential. 


Surface Operations

Flotilla Members perform safety and aids-to-navigation patrols in the Dayton, Ohio Area.
Auxiliary vessels and their crews work under the control of the Coast Guard, and aid in
search and rescue (SAR), marine safety, and other missions.Auxiliary Crew and
Coxswains qualify using the same training as Coast Guard personnel.

Auxiliarists are volunteers.

Boating Safety

Auxiliarists teach classes to members of the general public and to members of the
Auxiliary. Public classes include the 13 session Boating Skills and Seamanship
Course (BS&S), Sailing Skills & Seamanship Course (SS&S), and Advanced Coastal
Navigation (ACN), among others.  For a complete list of courses, please contact your nearest Auxiliary Flotilla. Auxiliarists also provide voluntary vessel safety checks and conduct other programs to enhance boating safety.


If you would like to find a Flotilla near you, or to learn more
about the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in general, please
contact us here.



 10-1-16 Lakeland park



 12-1-2016 monthly meeting