Division 4 What's New!

Division Elections

Division elections were held at the October 6 meeting. Bill Seymer of Flotilla 4-10 has been elected to a second term as division commander, and Cam Miller of Flotilla 4-4 has been elected vice division commander. Congratulations!

Website Updates

Posted by: Christopher Kaelin

Hello there! We've made some updates to our website lately. We've added several things, removed several things, and have brought the site up to date. We hope our website serves as a valuable tool for you to receive valuable boating safety information. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact our webmaster, Chris Kaelin, at

Website Changes

Mon, 06 Jan 14  
Hello! We have recently made some major changes to our website. We've added some additional information, particularly about what Division 4 does and how to join the Auxiliary. We've also reorganized our website. Check us out! Feedback should be sent to Chris Kaelin, SO-CS; his contact information can be found under "Contact Us", to the left.