Marine Safety and Security

Flotilla 81-08-12 Environmental Protection

 Marine Safety encompasses 2 distinct areas which are Boating Safety and Environmental Protection. We will be concentrating on Environmental Protection primarily at Lake Martin.  This is a young program and still in development. The program came into existence to assist the Coast Guard in its Marine Safety and Environmental Mission. To accomplish the mission, we will be coordinating with various agencies in the area and will participate in various programs to further educate ourselves in Environmental Protection. Some of the possible programs are:

· America's Waterway Watch
· Citizen Action Network
· Sea Partners Communication and Education
· Marine Safety & Environmental Protection Training program
· Trident (Auxiliary Marine Safety) Qualification Program
· Good Mate Program
· Marine Environmental Response Assistance
· Public Information and Education programs

As members of Team Coast Guard, our mission is to “… assist and augment the Coast Guard's vital role as the nation's guardian agency ensuring the safety and environmental protection of our nation's precious waterway resources. As America's Volunteer Guardians, we are committed to be dedicated, vigilant and ready to engage this mission on behalf of our fellow citizens”.