Flotilla 7-2 What's New!

Form 7029 online and Training for 7029

I have added a link to the Form 7029 Online under the Members only tab.  Also Under members only tab you can find our member training link.  Currently I have a video on how to fill out the Form 7029 online.  I will be adding some more links very soon.  Keep checking to see the continued process.

Website Has Been Approved!!

Congratulations!  Our unit’s web site was submitted for national approval, and the national IT Group has reviewed the site and found it in compliance with national standards. Our web site now qualifies for inclusion into, and has been added to, the national Flotilla Finder, making it visible to members of the public who do a search for flotilla’s in our area.  Also, now that our web site is nationally approved, we are qualified to display the national IT approval logoon our home page. 
national IT approval logo

New Easy to Remember URL for our Website!

We now have an easy to remember URL for our page.   If you can remember that you are a member of Flotilla  72 than you can remember our new URL.

New Form For Vessel Inspections

We now have a Form where a person who wants a Vessel Inspectioin can fill out and the information will be forwarded to the Vessel Examiners. 

Contact / Join Us

We now have a button that opens a form for people to fill out,   The information is Emailed to our HR person Max Norman in Real Time so that he may contact them and recruit them to the Aux.   I hope this proves to be a great tool for us.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary License Plates

Fellow member, Go to the link below, Download the form and take it to the local DMV office and get your Coast Guard Aux Plates. The more plates we get running around the Valley the more people will see the name Coast Guard Auxiliary and draw an intrest in us. Maybe we can get some new recruits by us having plates. The plates are FREE to members, no additional cost other than your regular registration, But I must warn you, the will pro-Rate the remainer of your license plate and give you a full year from the time you apply for it. Any questions about the plates feel free to call, Text, or Email me.

Steve Cody II