The SO-OP will exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all division operations programs which include search and rescue (SAR), safety patrols, air patrols, boat races/regattas and marine event patrols, and will keep all members informed of developments in this area. This officer must maintain close liaison with the District Staff Officer of Operations (DSO-OP) since all patrol orders must be received therefrom and will have close contacts with all operational facility (OPFAC) owning members to encourage operational activity and maintenance of uniformity and high standards. The SO-OP is responsible for ensuring that all division operations are performed under Coast Guard reimbursable and non-reimbursable patrol orders and that each copy of the schedule of patrols is provided to the DSO-OP. This officer will encourage and assist with all training and qualification of members in the operations program, encourage participation in search and rescue training, safety patrols, regatta patrols, chart updating patrols, and other Auxiliary operational programs. This individual will report monthly to the VDCDR about operations activities and progress. The officer will cooperate and coordinate with SO-CM, SO-MT, SO-VE, and other officers in the planning, execution of seminars, workshops, training sessions, briefings, communications, and inspection of OPFACS. A comprehensive list of members trained as crew and coxswain will be maintained, report regularly on all patrols, and coordinate with SO-MT and SO-NS for qualified crew members to serve on patrols to remain certified and conduct aids to navigation verification patrols.


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Slidell, La. - Members of the Aids to Navigation class embark to verify aids around Lake Pontchartrain aboard the Defender, a Coast Guard Auxiliary facility in June of 2014. Photo by Auxiliarist Thea Narkiewicz.