Human Resources

A Division Staff Officer for Human Resources will exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to the division's member resources program and keep the division informed of all developments in this AOR. This officer will maintain close liaison with the District Staff Officer of Personnel (DSO-PS) in order to implement the members resources program uniformly throughout the Division, District, and Nationally. He or she will develop, plan and implement programs and activities to promote the growth of the Auxiliary by obtaining new members and providing new members with information. The SO-HR should consider developing biographical files of all members in the division and maintain any appropriate records, training, merits, offices held, etc. on each member. Likewise, the officer will develop and implement programs and activities designed to retain members who may be drifting into inactivity by failing to attend meetings, who fall below their certification quotas in OP, VE or PE, or are not participating in other Flotilla activities and programs. This officer will attempt to meet with each member and brief the FC on the outcome prior to any disenrollment action of any member. In cooperation with the SO-PE, SO-VE and the SO-PA, he or she will make an effort to promote membership in the Auxiliary by public speaking, providing handouts and literature, and following up on all leads of prospective members. Working in cooperation and conjunction with the SO-MT, the officer will encourage and guide the new member through the new member process, assist them ordering uniforms, materials, etc. and prepare them for any training in areas of interest to the new Auxiliarist. The SO-HR will take an active role in the planning and execution of seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions. The officer should maintain contact with retired Auxiliary members and be certain the receive newsletters and are invited to functions and fellowship activities, will report monthly to the VDCDR and will provide a report at division meetings on all AORs. The goal of adding one new prospective member each month is recommended and name and addresses of these individuals should be provided to the SO-SR to keep the prospects up-to-date.

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