The Division Staff Officer of Finance will exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all division financial matters and keep the organization informed of all developments and changes. The SO-FN will maintain close liaison with the District Staff Officer of Finance (DSO-FN), keep complete and understandable records of all receipts, disbursements, and other financial transactions. This officer has the responsibility to prepare an annual budget for review and approval of the division and will render financial reports at division meetings. He or she will maintain a balanced checkbook and/ or savings account, will make payment on all approved invoices and all financial matters in accordance with the Standing Rules. The SO-FN will encourage prompt payment of membership dues to the division, will make payment of District dues and other authorized obligations approved by the DCDR, division quorum, and as permitted under the Standing Rules. There are no formal prerequisites or training for this office but a general understanding of financial matters, economics, banking, checkbook balancing, and financial reports would a plus. Other duties outlined in the Auxiliary Member Manual, the Flotilla Procedures Manual, and Standing Rules should also be followed.

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7025 Form - Financial Report of Auxiliary Unit

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