Division Offices


 This area is divided into separate offices of the division. By clicking on the links to the left, you will be able to find pertinent information regarding the job descriptions, duties, and limitations of the division staff officers. Corresponding information regarding to job tasking is also located in this specific area of the website for your convenience. For contact information of the division staff officers, please log in with your member number and password and look under the “About Division 4” navigation bar.



Division Officers

socs               socm

                              SO-CS Communications Services                 SO-CM Communications

                                 Thea Narkiewicz, SO-CS                             Morrie Bishop, SO-CM

sodv               sofn 

                                          SO-DV Diversity                                     SO-FN Finances 

                                 Edward Digiovanni, SO-DV                      David Raymond, SO-FN

sofs               sohr

                                         SO-FS Food Services                         SO-HR Human Resources

                                    Thea Narkiewicz, SO-FS                       Edward Digiovanni, SO-HR

sois               soma

                                    SO-IS Information Systems                          SO-MA Materials

                                       Emilio Scamardo, SO-IS                      Miller F. Guice, Jr., SO-MA

soms               somt

                                       SO-MS Marine Safety                         SO-MT Member Training

                                      Jose Campuzano, SO-MS                        Steven Stumpf, SO-MT

sons               soop

                                     SO-NS Navigation Systems                       SO-OP Operations

                                         Robert Parr, SO-NS                              David Buras, SO-OP

sopa               sopb

                                          SO-PA Public Affairs                             SO-PB Publications

                                         Pete Scamardo, SO-PA                         Rafael Shabetai, SO-PB  

sope                 sopv

                                      SO-PE Public Education                          SO-PV Program Visitor

                                        Greg Norton, SO-PE                                Kermit Roux, SO-PV

sosr                sove

                                            SO-SR Secretary                          SO-VE Vessel Examinations

                                        Karen Reisch, SO-SR                        Darlene McGarry, SO-VE