Division 2 Capability

                                Division 2 Capability Statement    

Auxiliarists assist the Coast Guard in non-law enforcement programs such as public education, vessel safety checks, safety patrols, search and rescue, maritime security and Marine Program Visits. We currently use AUXDATA as the information technology process to document training, compile hours spent on Auxiliary functions, support to our stakeholders, and service to the community and public.

Division 2 Auxiliary members receive special training so that they are an important, functional part of Team Coast Guard. Being an Auxiliarist adds a new dimension to one’s boating activities and enables one to share in the worthwhile experience of assisting boaters and saving lives. Auxiliary activities, superior training, and excellent boating skills are dedicated to the safety of the recreational boating public.

Every member of Division 2 has skills that are as widely varied as their geographic location. We have members in all four corners of New Mexico and West Texas and together bring a diverse background in which to work together as a team. Although the specific talents may not necessarily apply directly to every one of our Coast Guard Auxiliary activities, the diversity sure makes our get-togethers interesting and fun! Recreational Boating Safety consumes most of an Auxiliarist’s time and efforts.

To serve our customers (the Coast Guard, our stakeholder organizations; (Army Corp of Engineers, New Mexico State Parks, and boating clubs and organizations, the boating public) in a supportive, inspiring, educational and professional manner, we will inspire and assist our members in reaching the maximum level of training and leadership skills that they can attain. We will educate our members and the boating public on safe boating practices to the maximum of our abilities. We will be professional in everything that we do, and abide by the governing policies established by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, always reflecting the Coast Guard three core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.

Division 2 members have a unique blend of capabilities and are valued by all other team members. While our organization has changed over time, flexibility and adapting to new leadership remains a challenge. Constantly changing the way we do business with our own leadership and with our stakeholders will remain an important principle of this organization.

A majority of our members are highly qualified operational members with facilities that are immediately available for normal and routine operations or to augment other organizations in urgent times. We must continue to partner with other agencies and remain visible in the community so that others have a high image of the contributions we make. That is our goal.